Oh look, another website…

Yes, long have I had the domain for my site; I predominately used it for emails and periodically use it to set up and test websites but have decided to get the actual website up and running.

I know it’s hardly ground-breaking but I’ve gone down a self-hosted WordPress site, I’ve had a cloud server hosted by those lovely folk over at bytemark.co.uk for a while so set up a Debian VM.

I’m really not sure about the theme, at some point I’ll design my own.


The main reason for the site is to have a presence, I’ve got the domain and use the email addresses not having a site at all seems lazy. It does also give me a place to ramble, I do love running, dogs and tech so will look to post content from time to time on these things. This is very much my own space but also in the public domain, if anything I say is of interest then that’s great; happy to share and be shared. This said it’s important to note that these are always going to be my own views.

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