Hosting change

Okay, again I’m hardly breaking the internet with the most exciting posts. I’ve moved my site from iomart, they took over bytemark not long after I set up my little virtual server for this site and became almost instantly less friendly and easy to contact…. not to mention the gradual increase in pricing.

I’ve jumped ship and moved to ionos, of all places, and managed to get set up for peanuts. To be completely honest I only had to contact their support over a minor IP geolocation error and they’ve been swift and responsive…

Apologies for the bare-bones look for now as I’ve not themed the site or done much in the way of customisation but I wanted to get a bit of a fresh start concentrating on:

  • Minimal Ubuntu server
  • Easy admin access via Cockpit
  • basic but secure LAMP setup
  • Encrypted via Let’s Encrypt
  • Clean WordPress install.

I think I might actually do more with the site once I’ve got it looking a bit more the part but it might just sit static as my life is pretty busy.

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